Curatorial Statement:Community.

Jewel Ham, Curator x Visual Artist


This collaborative digital experience exists as a re-imagination of the traditional gallery space by Jewel Ham. As climates for viewing artwork have been forced to shift, Jewel felt it also time for a shift in curatorial approach. Wrist Game connects the work of powerhouse Black visual artists and musicians across the world while featuring a variety of writers, DJs, and other multidisciplinary artists. Inspired by her own studio practice as well as the idea of “curating a mood” and the music video feeling that comes with finding *your song*, she came into this project aiming to visualize a vibe.

As a multimedia visual artist interested in using her work as a means of reparation, Jewel is passionate about increasing accessibility to visual arts in Black communities, as well as utilizing visual art as a means of outreach, activism, and empowerment. Read More

Treble Charts

Treble is a safe haven for artists and their partners, offering a place to feel truly at home and connected! Treble Charts compile game changers across media genres - from musicians, table shakers, and visual artists in one place. New Treble Chart coming 4/30.

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DJ Magic



Early in life, Atlanta-native DJ Magic discovered that music and making people happy were her two beloved passions. Magic has been sharing this love for music with party goers ever since 2016 in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia as well as Washington, D.C. Ever since, DJ Magic has been committed to bringing people together, creating a great musical environment, and of course, spinning even greater music. After winning “Howard’s Hottest”, and further cementing her skills and diverse music taste, DJ Magic is a supreme addition to the Wrist Game roster. As her mixes further curate the interactive space, we hear her effortlessly blend a variety of sounds from Black musicians across genres.

Jupiter June

Visual Artist


Jupiter June is a Los Angeles based multimedia artist and curator blazing new trails, across industries. While currently a Digital Media Creative at Capitol Records, June is all too familiar with the intersections between music, visual art, digital media, and pop culture. With the opening of Black Spectrum, a physical and virtual exhibition featuring a phenomenal range of Black multimedia visual artists, he makes his curatorial debut the only way he knows how - with his community. Presented by the Aziz Gallerie, a Black-owned gallery, in partnership with Broccoli City, Black Spectrum featues work exclusively from Black women and Black queer folks making a statement. This Howard grad and community advocate has only scratched the surface in his creativity, and continues exploring the spectrum that is Black Art in his compilation works for Wrist Game, further amplifying featured artists. Tap in to learn more about June below, and view Black Spectrum online

Editorial Team

Our Editorial Team features emerging curatorial talent across genres. Led by Harmoni Moore, a multi‑disciplinary writer, visual artist and vocalist, our team’s mission is to further amplify the artistry of all Wrist Game artists & affiliates. In our Audio Department, we have Charlotte native & avid music‑appreciator, Aaron Roebuck as well as Spotify Alum, Beulah Davis. Our Visual Arts writer (and maker herself), Isis Davis‑Marks, has had her work published in Artsy & Wide Walls, and gives our show its first official review. To learn more about Wrist Game, featured artists, and what our Editorial Team is made of, please check out our Publication.

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Featured ArtistLegendary M$. Tee



Legendary rapper and singer M$. Tee has had her foot in the door of music since 1993. Known as the First Lady of Cash Money, M$. Tee was the first female artist to sign to Cash Money Records at the age of 14. Although leaving the label due to mistreatment and underpayment, M$. Tee continued independently to develop her 2000 break-out album “Don’t Get Mad, Get Even”. In pairing soulful vocals with uncensored truths, Ms. Tee carries her southern upbringing into her work, continuing to strive to share her unique sound across generations. The original hot girl has worked with artists like Lil Wayne, Pimp Daddy, Big Freedia, Fiend, and many many more.

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